A BIG PPC Campaign, A Very Small Budget.

A BIG PPC Campaign, A Very Small Budget.


CFS (Commercial Fleet Services) specialise in supplying high quality, low houred agricultural machinery to the professional end user.

They wanted to advertise the machinery they had in stock and to generate some enquiries from their website. Some initial research highlighted that the demand for their products (New Holland and Kubota Tractors) was high and the competition was low. A perfect scenario to enter the market with a small budget of only £250 per month.




Google Pay Per Click Campaign


Generate enquiries for sales of tractors and other machinery on the website.


We setup separate advert groups for New Holland and Kubota – the two main makes of machinery in stock. Doing it this way meant we could have dedicated brand keywords and take the prospect directly to the products they are interested in.

This also meant we could monitor each brand and how they performed. This enables us to split the budget however we want based on performance and conversion rates.


Half way through the campaign the website was only getting around 40 clicks per day from Google PPC. We needed to get the clicks up to around 90 per day as we wanted to maximise the budget for the client.


We edited the keyword bids across the whole campaign ensuring that we were getting the maximum amount of clicks for our budget while maintaining a high page position.

We also added new adverts, this gave us variation based on specific models and amplified the ones that performed better.


SUCCESS! Straight away the campaign started to generate 90+ clicks per day. As a result this was generating more enquiries via email and phone.

On average the website converts to 15 email enquires a month (16.6% conversion rate). When considering the average stock vale of CFS is £37k per tractor and CFS has a high close rate that is a great result for £250.

Even if CFS only closed 1 in 10 that is a handsome £36,750 profit for the campaign


Whilst this campaign is a success and has generated a high level of clicks and enquiries, it’s definitely worth focusing more on specific model adverts and keyword bids in the future.

With some keywords having a higher bid, it’s important to keep an eye on what we should be bidding – this enables us to maximise the budget and generate the right response for our clients.

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