The Numbers say it all! Overwhelming Citygate Event outcome.

The Numbers say it all! Overwhelming Citygate Event outcome.


Following many months of COVID lockdown, with car showrooms being forced to remain closed, Citygate, an AM Top 100 Automotive Dealer Group, wanted to kick-start their showroom reopening’s as soon as the easing of restrictions would allow.




Big Event


VIP Sales Event


As with any event, the challenge was to maximise customer participation and the number of cars sold.

COVID added other dimensions to the overall challenge…..

Success or failure was dependent in part, upon increasing customer confidence about returning to retail spaces

New and Used car stock availability had also been impacted by COVID, so Citygate wanted to generate used car stock purchases from their existing customers

Creating a compelling event that would excite and assure customers enough to return to the showrooms to buy their next car was key

Coping with uncertainty of timings due to the pandemic and not risking retailer investment that could be lost due to changes of COVID roadmap timings was essential

Overcoming lack of lead-time to activate the event, once restrictions were lifted

Accommodating customers who were unable to attend a showroom


The strategy was to use entirely digital communications that would allow changes, such as to event dates, structure of the event, messaging content and so on, if necessary, right up to the start of, and even during the Event itself.

Flexibility and responsiveness were essential to ultimate success.


We created a unique Citygate event, the “VIP Gold Event” with fully customised Customer Portal and a comprehensive reporting and management Dealer portal

The VIP Gold Event was hosted using Big Marketing’s class leading Event Management Software platform

All Citygate group retailers were enabled to participate in the 4 day intensive sales event

The event used a full suite of digital communications including Eshots and Virtual SMS’s, to handle all invitations, customer responses and customer appointment management

A dedicated Virtual SMS Used Car Purchase campaign was run within the overall VIP Gold Event framework



Citygate VIP Event Results:

Event Bookings = 1,212
Event Bookings Up 23.55% on last VIP Event
Used Car Event SMS Replies 1,294
Cars Sold 830


The Citygate Gold VIP Event was the most successful event Citygate have run in terms of sales appointments generated, cars sold and used car stock acquired

Utilising Big Marketing’s Event Management Software platform and a 100% digital communications strategy created a sense of excitement and confidence in Citygate’s customers

Citygate had the comfort of knowing the event could respond rapidly to external factors such COVID restrictions

Staged and strategic releases of digital marketing collateral helped build momentum and engagement throughout the event, with tuned messages ensuring the optimal outcome.

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