Integrated digital sales campaign

Integrated digital sales campaign


The customer’s objective was to fill a gap in the digital marketplace for new Audis.

Based on the lack of availability and bulk buying discounts there was an obvious opportunity to fulfill new Audi enquiries on a nationwide basis utilising purely digital marketing.


Audi Now


Website development and digital marketing


Automotive sales promotion


The first task was to develop a strong brand that would be able to gain trust and increase sales.

The decision was made to base the new brand around Audi’s existing corporate identity (CI) to leverage the public’s trust with the manufacturer.

We also needed to reflect the opportunity in the market (lack of availability) within the branding.

‘AudiNow’ was created to hit these objectives.

The design, messaging and advertising of the new ‘AudiNow’ brand was then filtered across the website, Google Adwords and social media profiles.


The first challenge was to get the brand approved by Audi and ensure all parties’ values were protected.

Once this challenge was overcome, the critical element of the campaign was to research and develop the right content to achieve high engagement.

As with any project, momentum is key. Ensuring the dealer was motivated to provide content, updates and stock levels was essential to keep the campaign relevant and up to date.


Big Marketing prides itself on producing quality work speedily, which can only be accomplished if there are clear and precise communications. Experienced account management ensured that the project gained momentum and continued with predictable results.

The designers at Big had to fully understand Audi’s CI and replicate it across all platforms and environments (logos, fonts, images, offline, online, mobile and social etc.).

The social media team developed a detailed content plan in agreement with the client. Hours of content research, development, scheduling and re-purposing was implemented to engage with the audience.

The tone, language, imagery and video content had to be consistent and clear, or customers would become confused or sceptical.


The deliverables of the project were a new brand and website (over 50 pages) being developed within 12 weeks.

The top-line objective was to generate new Audi enquiries. This campaign predictably provides over 90 enquiries a month.

In the first 3 months of the campaign website traffic from Google Adwords PPC ranged from 7,500 to 8,500 per month.

The traffic from social media (because of cumulative ‘likes’) went from 6,000 to 10,000 to 13,000 per month.


If the dealer buys into a concept and strategy that reflects the marketplace and opportunity, then the project will be successful.

Timelines and budgets have to be realistic to achieve goals.

A focused campaign with key attributes (branding, messaging, imagery, content etc.) will be more successful than a generic ‘discount’ sale.

Google is where people go to buy something (a good Adwords campaign and budget will always generate a predictable amount of leads).

However, Facebook is where everybody is (i.e. everybody that we consider Audi Now’s target audience to be). Engage this audience and your website traffic can rise every month due to the cumulative effect of more likes and more reach.

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