New Virtual SMS campaign reduces cost per lead to only £7.18

New Virtual SMS campaign reduces cost per lead to only £7.18


Peter Cooper Volkswagen wanted to promote their latest offers to their database. They have two sites: one in Southampton and the other in Portsmouth.

They wanted to find a different way (other than email marketing or PPC) to get their offers to their prospects really quickly – a way that would stand out from the crowd.


Peter Cooper VW


Virtual SMS marketing


Automotive sales campaign


The Big Marketing Virtual SMS platform was chosen due to the quality of Peter Cooper’s database and how engaging the messages could be.

After consultation a great offer was developed, built around what the customer wanted and what the local competition was doing.

The Virtual SMS campaign would be sent to the database with the goal of getting people to book a test drive or request a callback.

These elements would ensure that the campaign was focused and had a higher chance of being successful.


The client requested that the offer be turned around really quickly to take advantage of the opportunity.

This restricted the content development to static images or graphics rather than videos, animated gifs or interactive forms.

As proven in other campaigns this can still be effective but the layout just needed to be considered to get maximum response.


Thankfully there was an exciting corporate identity (CI) our designers could adhere to, which always speeds a project up.

The Peter Cooper CI was placed in the text and imagery utilising the existing trust and encouraging a high click-through rate.

The content of the Virtual SMS campaign had engaging content of the products with clear pricing and well-positioned calls to action, which would result in a high ‘callback’ rate.

The campaign was designed, built and sent out within 24 hours of the brief being received.


Marketing investment: less than £1,500

– 199 requests for a test drive or callback across the two sites in one week

– 1,266 taps through to the Virtual SMS link

– Click-through rate: over 14%

– Cost per lead: only £7.18*


If you have good data, a great offer (to stand out from the competition) and a great delivery medium (the Virtual SMS platform) then your campaign will be a success.

If you were to ask us what is the most important of these three key elements, our answer would be that the offer MUST be compelling.

If you have bad data or have a bad relationship with your data, then your campaign will need to be structured to firstly build a connection and then move people through to an offer.

If your offer can be beaten instore or online then people will find a better offer elsewhere. This doesn’t mean you have to discount prices – think about adding value or removing people’s pain. Is delivery an issue you could help with? Is there a guarantee you could offer? Could you provide personalisation?

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